Tips For Self Improvement – Easy Ways to Help Yourself

There are many tips for self improvement, and it is a challenge that should be ongoing throughout one’s life. Where you begin depends on where you think you want to go. Sometimes where you think you want to go may not be where you end up either.First, try to determine your goals. Write down a dream sheet of everything you think you want or want to be. From this list of goals, divide them up into those that you can achieve in the short term, mid term and long term of time. Then think about your goals, are they self centered or other centered? Divide up the lists into those sub categories. Rank them in order of priority. If you like to see fast progress, put them in order of ease of achieving, so you get the reinforcement and positives from accomplishing tasks. If you put them in the order of importance to your life, they will probably be the hardest choices on the list and will take longer to achieve. You will need patience and perseverance for those. Now, select one or two from the top of each list and those are the goals to start with.Next in tips for self improvement, make a short list of self affirmations you can put up on the bathroom mirror so you see and say them aloud a couple times a day. Do this daily. As you say them, envision your self being or having them. Over time, you will gradually see the improvements happening.Look at your body lifestyle. Are you eating proper balanced foods? Do you exercise at least twice a week? Are you and your clothes neat and clean, in other words, cared for? Or are you sloppy and careless? Put some effort into caring for yourself and your environment. A messy life will lead to a messy mind and emotions. If you eat right, you will feel better all over, be more healthy and alive. If you have pride in your looks and home, you will feel happier being there, more organized in order to tackle your lists of goals.Try to learn something new, read books or magazines, or study something in class or independently. Having factual knowledge about subjects brings more confidence into your life. You can practice something like an instrument or game and gain confidence that way. All this will improve your self confidence.Two final tips for self improvement are to laugh and help others. A good laugh can actually improve your health, and a lighter look at life will also help you feel better about yourself. Helping others is even better than doing for yourself. You gain confidence, and a sense that you matter, that you are making a difference in life. And you are!There are many tips for self improvement. Some are tangible like food and health, others more indistinct, like your self affirmations or helping others. They all build your self image, and that is self improvement.